Why the name Tuai? We looked to the East and were inspired by how family members of different ages thrive so well living in a communal setting. In East Malaysia, the culture of togetherness, multi-generational living and celebration is very much part of everyday life. In which an essential portion of their time is taken up by the act of harvesting, where they not only reap the riches of the land, but also gain priceless and long-lasting happiness.

Multi-generational living also reflects the act of harvesting in many ways. Beginning with the young greens, all the way to the golden matured, all are cared for on the same plot of land, much like how it is at Tuai. We desire to create a community that celebrates togetherness, that reaps happiness in every season.

Our CEO, James Tan, talks about Tuai Residence, homes and community built for our children, families and seniors in their golden years.


Reap the rewards of having both the young and the seniors living together in one place, that’s made especially for them.


With MAGIC, Universal Design, and safety for the young and seniors.

Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive Community
(A Term Coined by Dr. Bill Thomas)

With MAGIC, Tuai Residence makes this place great for the ones in their golden years:

  • Senior-friendly and safe
  • Accessible for wheelchairs throughout
  • Multi-generational living
  • Communal spaces and clubhouse
  • Link bridge to clubhouse, future commercial lot and carpark podium
  • Care Office on-site


Universal Design gives ease of use and accessibility to all ages, sizes and abilities.

Applications of Universal Design at Tuai Residence include:

  • Ramps, lifts and link bridge accessible to wheelchairs, baby strollers, and seniors
  • Minimum floor drop with ramps at unit entrance, yard and toilets for wheelchair access
  • 900mm clear doorways for wheelchair access in common areas and designated doorways inside units
  • Wheelchair turning radius within units and specific toilets
  • Wheelchair-friendly panels, braille buttons and voice announcer in lifts
  • Wheelchair-accessible carparks
  • Tac tiles on floor in key common corridors
  • Lever-type door locksets
  • Large-gang electrical switches at 1200mm height


Keeping the whole family safe and comfortable.

  • Care Office with registered nurse and trained caregiver on site
  • Care Office’s staff and designated staff trained in first aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Fire sprinklers inside the units and in common areas within the condo block
  • Fire refuge on every floor for seniors and wheelchair users
  • Widened fire stairs for stretcher-use in event of emergencies
  • Stretcher lift
  • Raised swimming pool to keep toddlers safe
  • Handrail and steps in swimming pool for extra support
  • Fenced playground with gate for parents’ peace of mind
  • CCTV on perimeter fencing and all key areas
  • 24-hour security
  • 3950mm clear width carpark ramps for all drivers


This is the ideal place for you. All multi-generational families need a home with private spaces and common areas for different generations – like the ones we have. In addition, our development features a great deal of convenience, from Care Office to a clubhouse café, and even a raised pool to ensure the safety of your children – giving you peace of mind for multi-generational living.

We know how you feel leaving your aged parents at home. And how much more you’ll be at ease knowing they are cared for at Tuai, with assistance just a call away. Tuai is Universally-Designed to be fully accessible for all, right from the doorstep to the various amenities and facilities located throughout the development. To keep your aged parents productive, a myriad of activities can be arranged at the clubhouse café with the help of our Community Manager.

Always have that nagging feeling that you may one day need help, but live alone? At Tuai, you’ll be living in a friendly community where everyone knows you and where you will be able to mingle all day. Spend your time at the communal herb garden, clubhouse café, or karaoke and multi-function room. Or meet and chat at the resident lounge area if you like. Have your routine check-ups done at our Care Office located on site. Built in a wheelchair-friendly environment, these conveniences inspire a healthier and more independent lifestyle in your golden years.

Worry not; our doors are open to you – literally. We’ve built (900mm clear) wheelchair-accessible doorways and ramps across the development. Our homes here come with designated toilets with wheelchair turning radiuses. In case of emergencies, there are wheelchair-friendly panels for lifts and a fire refuge on every floor to keep you safe, and if needed, to wait for rescue. You see, Tuai is not only designed to bring different generations and abilities together, but to keep everyone safe too.

You will have access to the clubhouse café as well as the future retail development nearby, with our 2.4m wide, sheltered, traffic-free, fully wheelchair-accessible link bridge, right from the condo tower. That’s not all. Wheelchair-friendly features also include wheelchair-accessible toilets in common areas, 900mm clear doorways, gentle ramps for elevated paths, and a lift-accessible multi-level carpark podium for your convenience and safety. On top of that, all lifts and panels are also made to accommodate wheelchair users comfortably and promote independence among residents of different abilities.

We’ve made considerable effort to ensure that your children are safe within our development. From the raised pool and fenced playground, we have laid-out the common areas to allow for fewer visually-interrupted spaces so that you can keep a better eye on your kids whether you’re at the gym or the resident lounge.

Our goal is to build a multi-generational and all-inclusive community where generations will be able to grow and flourish without the need to relocate or renovate as the family goes through different cycles of life. Families can choose to live together in one unit or in multiple units within the development. Grandparents can remain near, to babysit their grandchildren during parents’ date nights.

Tuai raises the bar on safety. Each unit comes equipped with fire sprinklers, which have been proven to save precious lives. Fire escapes are widened for the use of stretchers. For kids safety, our fenced playground is designed to optimise the supervision of your children. CCTV and motion detectors around the perimeter fencing add to the security. For closer monitoring, main access points, lifts and the guardhouses are controlled by the use of access cards. We also provide multi-tiered security, with around-the-clock security guards for home safety.

Though fire sprinklers are very often overlooked, they are vital as minor fire incidents can turn uncontrollable within minutes. Fire sprinklers would help to fight fire quicker and are safer than depending on the firefighters’ arrival, no matter how prompt their response. That’s why at Tuai, fire sprinklers are installed inside the units as well as in common areas within the condo block, for the safety of your loved ones and yourself, the young and seniors, and residents requiring wheelchairs and walking assistance.

We’ve devoted our resources and designed our common spaces to promote place-making and communal interaction. Our Community Manager will be available to foster local communal bonding by organising a myriad of activities, that would bring everyone closer. Some examples include:

  • Hobbies, craft classes, clubs, and fellowship meetings
  • Karaoke, dinner, and dance parties
  • Fitness sessions, line dancing, and Zumba
  • Cooking classes and potluck
  • Chess, billiard, and chit-chats
  • Children’s fun-time
  • Badminton, basketball, or ping-pong
  • Communal gardening
  • And more…


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