Tuai is a place where the seeds of love and care are grown. Where you get to reap the rewards of having both the younger and older generations living together in one home. It is all about growing bonds, cultivating familial ties, and harvesting happiness as the loved ones mature. A bountiful collection of memorable moments created through multi-generational and communal living.


While many places have communal living spaces designed into them, Tuai takes it a step further, by planning the development around communal spaces. Every step of your journey, from the guardhouse to the covered carparks, right up to your very doorstep is an experience designed to bring people together. Be it the walkways, or the gardens, the gazebos or even the communal kitchens, our spaces are built to foster community ties by maximizing visibility, comfort and most importantly, inclusiveness.


Three generations or more under the same roof?

Most definitely.

At Tuai, we celebrate togetherness and family, from the smallest children, to the revered elders. Planned with child-safety and senior-friendly features at every turn, accessibility and the welfare of its many residents remains our priority. This is achieved through “Universally Designed” homes and common areas, while bearing in mind the varied needs of individuals from different walks of life. This is done to create an environment that is accessible, understood and equally useable to the greatest extent by all groups regardless of age, size, ability or disability.

1,109 SQ. FT.

1,216 SQ. FT.

1,905 SQ. FT.

1,927 SQ. FT.


*Disclaimer: Prices are for indication and registration purposes only. Floor plans will be available for viewing soon.
This is the ideal place for you. All multi-generational families need a home that can have private spaces and common areas for different generations – like the ones we have. In addition, our facilities feature a great deal of convenience, from elderly-care to low barriers to guarantee maximum supervision for your children – giving you peace of mind for multi-generational living.
We know how you feel leaving your aged parents at home alone. And how much more you'll be at ease knowing they are cared for. At Tuai, care is just a call away. Tuai is Universally Designed to be fully accessible right from your doorstep.
Always have that nagging feeling that you may need help one day, but you live alone? In Tuai, you’ll be living in a friendly community where everyone knows you and you get to mingle all day. Spend a good portion of your time at the air-conditioned Clubhouse Café Lounge kids’ area, multifunction and karaoke room. Or meet and chat at the huge lounge area if you like. If you’re planning to age in place, your home is built within a wheelchair-friendly environment to provide optimum and equal accessibility for independent senior residents. Furthermore, your check-up routine can be done at our care office located on-site. There are also 15 wheelchair-friendly car park spaces for convenience.
Worry not; our doors are open for your family – literally. We’ve built wheelchair accessible doorways (1.1 m) and ramps across the facility. Your home here is designed with a wheelchair radius in mind, there are also disabled panels for lifts, and in case of emergencies, our fire escapes are wide enough for stretchers. You can even choose which room you’d like to be Universally Designed, the master or the second room. You see, Tuai is designed to bring families of different generations together.
We’ve spent a considerable amount of effort to ensure that special care is taken to provide minimal hazards to children. From raised pool and barricaded playground to enlarged gaps for doors and low barriers to maximise supervision. We have laid-out the common areas to allow for fewer interrupted visual spaces so that you can keep a better eye on your kids whether you’re at the gym or the café.
The goal is to build a multi-generational and all-inclusive community where families will be able to grow and flourish without the need to relocate or renovate as the family goes through different cycles of life. This includes sustainable facilities with high utility, low maintenance components and services at your home.
Very! We’ve built a 2.4 m wide, weather-proof and traffic-free link bridge to activity areas as well as retail and commercial units. Internal wheelchair radius for every unit, 1.1 m doorways and ramps for elevated paths, wide fire escapes for stretchers, lift-accessible multilevel car park podiums and more. On top of that, all elevators are made to accommodate wheelchair users as they come with a comfortable width and a disabled panel for your convenience and comfort.
For home safety, we provide a three-tier security access, with around-the-clock guards. Main access points, lifts and the guardhouses are controlled by the use of access cards, for close monitoring. CCTV and motion detectors around the compound adds to the security. Indoor barriers are made to optimise supervision of your children. To make it even safer, each unit has fire sprinklers which have proven to protect our precious lives.
You heard correctly. We’ve devoted our resources to build a local community by organising a myriad of activities that would bring everyone together. Some examples are:

  • Neighbour get-togethers
  • Book clubs
  • Cooking sessions
  • Fitness sessions
  • Zumba
  • Children play sessions
  • Potlucks
  • Game nights
  • Holiday parties
  • And more…

Tuai is located in the heart of Setia Alam, having Eco Ardence as our immediate neighbour. You can get here through the NKVE, Shapadu Highway or the Guthrie Corridor.
Fire sprinklers are very often overlooked. However, it is vital as minor fire incidents can turn into unpredictable hazard within minutes. At Tuai, we understand every second counts, that’s why fire sprinkler installations cover all residential areas, including the internal 8 units of the apartments for the safety of your loved ones and yourself, the young and old, and residents requiring wheelchair and walking assistance.