At Tuai, you’ll see that we’ve gone further in putting purpose into every aspect of the development as we cater to the generations in a family, as well as those looking for a more communal setting.

From child-friendly build aspects to Universally-Designed (UD) links and layouts, to useful healthcare, we have it all for all generations in a family.



(UD) Universally Designed development with elderly-friendly features

  • 2.4m wide weatherproof and traffic-free link bridge to activity areas as well as retail and commercial components
  • Wheelchair accessible doorways (900m clear width) and ramps
  • Braille buttons and common area signages
  • Yellow tac tiles
  • Internally wheelchair-friendly homes, keeping in mind wheelchair radius
  • 1200mm height large gang switches
  • Drops in internal of units are only 25mm
  • Wheelchair-friendly panels and handrails in lift cars
  • Wider fire escapes for stretcher access
  • Stretcher lift in case of emergencies

Child-safety features

  • Raised pool
  • Barricaded pool area
  • Barricaded playground
  • Care Office
  • Fire protection features
  • Fire sprinkler covers all areas including the internal of the apartments
  • Fire sprinklers offer maximum protection to keep families, seniors and the young ones safe
  • Fewer visually interrupted spaces for easy child supervision
  • Kids’ Playground
  • Kids’ Pool
  • Indoors Air-conditioned Kids’ Lounge
  • 3 Poolside Activity Rooms
  • Reflective Pool
  • Day Beds
  • Yoga Deck
  • 5 Individual Poolside Gazebos
  • Multi-sport Hall
    Functional as:
    ○ Full-length basketball court
    ○ 3 badminton courts
    ○ Futsal court
    ○ Taichi space and many more
  • Floating Gym
  • Communal Herb Garden
  • Compost Bin
  • Potting Shed
  • Communal Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Clubhouse Café Lounge; kids’ area, multifunction and karaoke room
  • 300m Walking Track
  • Surau
  • Wheelchair-friendly bathrooms
  • 8 Activity Rooms
  • Link bridge to clubhouse and retail components
  • Multifunctional Air-Conditioned Clubhouse Café Lounge
  • Karaoke Machine